Is eating organic better for my health?

Must Try

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Do not spray the crops with chemicals, and it is a good point for the environment. But do we also gain in terms of nutrition? Apparently yes!

Less accumulated pesticides
Organic farming excludes fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemical products: only certain natural and biodegradable products are authorized. Result: less than one organic fruit in twenty shows traces of pesticides compared to one in two in conventional agriculture. Even if the direct effects of pesticides on health have been demonstrated, especially at high doses, for example, among farmers who use them, we also suspect harmful effects linked to the cocktail effect in the long run… The less we swallow, the more we feel. Reassure!

Lower cancer risk?
A very recent study by Inserm has confirmed this intuition. The researchers followed nearly 70,000 people over 15 years: there were 25% fewer cancers in those who ate the most organic products compared to those who ate little. With an essential difference in particular for breast cancer or lymphoma. Direct protective effect of organic products or simple logic because these people also pay more attention to their health? That remains to be determined…

Black eye relieved

To ease the painful sensation caused by a "black eye," put a slice of raw potato on your sore eye.

Tendinitis subsided

If you suffer from tendonitis, osteoarthritis or arthritis, drink, with each meal and at bedtime, a teaspoon of cider vinegar mixed with half a...

Itching relieved

If your skin is irritated and itchy, take an excellent lukewarm bath in which you have added half a cup of oatmeal.

Voice found

Have you lost your voice? Gargle several times a day with pure lemon juice (without swallowing it) until improvement.