25 tips to strengthen and refine your legs

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Take care of them, and they will take you far. How? ‘Or’ What? By strengthening them without too much effort. More vigorous and solid, your legs are refined and give you wings.

Activate blood circulation
The light leg is a sensation and a genuine question of volume. To limit leg swelling:

Don’t stay seated too long. Take a few steps every two hours (at the office, on the plane, etc.). From time to time, sitting with your feet flat on the ground, raise and rest your heels, repeat several times to restart circulation.
Limit high heels and tight pants that interfere with blood circulation.
Think of compression stockings that promote venous return (helping the blood rise to the heart and not stagnate). There are some in color, a light spring-summer version, and even the self-fixing type. They are primarily reimbursed for medical prescriptions.
After a hot bath, shower your legs with cold water, starting from the ankle to the thighs. Never miss an opportunity to walk in water, by the sea, or in the current of a river.
As the heat approaches, promote blood circulation with a food supplement, such as Ergyveine, based on plants and trace elements (Nutergia, in pharmacies).
Get a massage: draining massages over several sessions, eliminate water from the tissues, and fight against cellulite.

Black eye relieved

To ease the painful sensation caused by a "black eye," put a slice of raw potato on your sore eye.

Tendinitis subsided

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Itching relieved

If your skin is irritated and itchy, take an excellent lukewarm bath in which you have added half a cup of oatmeal.

Voice found

Have you lost your voice? Gargle several times a day with pure lemon juice (without swallowing it) until improvement.