Your little guide: disconnect during the holidays

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We often imagine that we will take advantage of the holidays to relax, live at a different pace, forget the stress… but sometimes that’s easier said than done! Some advice to finally cut with your daily life.

Go on vacation with a free mind.
Spending a genuinely relaxing holiday requires preparation in advance. As far as possible, do not leave a question or file pending at the office, even if it means having a slightly busier week before departure: you will enjoy it all the better once you leave. If everything is not complete, do not hesitate to delegate specific tasks to your employees who stay at work (so as not to be disturbed during your holidays), subject to compensation. Warn that you will be challenging to reach, for example, by activating an automatic response on your mailbox, which specifies that you will only be contacted in an emergency and gives other preferred contacts. Finally, remember to deactivate any notifications for your professional emails before leaving.

Black eye relieved

To ease the painful sensation caused by a "black eye," put a slice of raw potato on your sore eye.

Tendinitis subsided

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Itching relieved

If your skin is irritated and itchy, take an excellent lukewarm bath in which you have added half a cup of oatmeal.

Voice found

Have you lost your voice? Gargle several times a day with pure lemon juice (without swallowing it) until improvement.