Some advice to avoid the tourista this summer

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Some advice to avoid the tourista this summer

If you're traveling this summer, it's best to keep a few food safety rules in mind to prevent mean tourists from ruining your stay. Contaminated...

If you’re traveling this summer, it’s best to keep a few food safety rules in mind to prevent mean tourists from ruining your stay.

Contaminated food or water can cause travelers diarrhea and other illnesses. Areas at risk are Central and South America, Mexico, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Some areas of Eastern Europe and some Caribbean islands are also risky. However, it is possible to reduce disease risk by following these good eating habits.

Watch the temperature
Only eat food that is cooked and served hot.
Avoid all foods served at room temperature, especially sauces and cold buffets.
Avoid consuming food served on the street.
Watch out for the water.
Choose disinfected or bottled water.
Do not refill bottles with tap or healthy water.
Avoid ice cubes made with tap or healthy water. If you can’t be sure, order drinks without ice.
Close your mouth in the shower.
Brush your teeth with bottled water.
Make sure your tea or coffee is served piping hot.

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Voice found

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